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Sai Reddy Comments Don’t Reflect His Stature!

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YSR Congress party general secretary and Rajya Sabha member V Vijay Sai Reddy generally appears to be very soft-spoken and intellectual material.

But when it comes to attacking the political rivals, Sai Reddy does not look dignified and decent.

Especially when it is Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh, the YSRC leader uses choicest epithets to run them down.

Many neutral observers feel that the words he uses against the rivals and more particularly his tweets, do not augur well for a person of Sai Reddy’s stature. He heckles Naidu and Lokesh using cheap words.

“There is nothing wrong in attacking the political rivals, but a person of Sai Reddy’s position should look dignified in the attack and with proper evidences,” a political analyst observed.

In his eagerness to attack Naidu, sometimes Sai Reddy appears to be conveniently and deliberately giving misleading information.

A day after the polling, Naidu said 30 per cent of the Electronic Voting Machines developed technical snags in the first few hours and at many places, the polling did not start even till afternoon. He suspected the role of technical experts who changed the defunct EVMs.

But Sai Reddy sought to ridicule Naidu by misinterpreting the latter’s statement as 30 per cent of voters could not exercise their franchise and said yet, the TDP is expected to win 130 seats.

Similarly, for the last couple of days, he sought to run down former CBI joint director and Jana Sena Party leader V V Lakshminarayana with his silly tweets. He wondered how the Jana Sena would win 88 assembly seats, when it contested only 65 seats.

When JD tried to clarify that his party had contested in 145 seats, Sai Reddy shot back how the Jana Sena would consider the seats secretly left for the TDP as part of understanding.

Lakshminarayana gave a dignified reply to Sai Reddy’s tweets, but when the latter started turning out to be discourteous, the Jana Sena leader stopped responding saying he did not want to join issue with people like Sai Reddy.

It is better Sai Reddy confines himself to the role of an advisor to Jagan, rather than behaving like a cheap politician.

YSRC defends EC, faults Naidu’s complaints

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YSR Congress party on Monday defended the Election Commission saying it had conducted the elections smoothly and said violent incidents had taken place only in those districts where pro-TDP police were there.

Speaking to media after submitting a petition to the Election Commission seeking action against erring police officials who allegedly filed false cases against YSRC workers, party general secretary and Rajya Sabha member V Vijay Sai Reddy ridiculed Naidu for questioning the authenticity of EVMs and voting patterns.

He said nearly 80 per cent of the voters exercised their franchise and nobody had complained about the EVMs.

“Even Naidu and his family members had cast their votes on April 11 and happily posed for photographs. If the EVMs and VVPATs were faulty, how could he cast his vote?” he asked.

Reddy said Naidu was getting frustrated as he had realised that he was losing power.

“Even intelligence has predicted rout of the TDP. That is why, he has come to Delhi and misleading the national parties,” he said and appealed to all the parties not to fall in Naidu’s trap and support his anti-democratic gimmicks.

The YSRC leader said though there were some problems with the EVMs initially, they were all rectified subsequently. The voters who had gone back in such polling booths, returned to cast their votes without any hassles, he said.

Reddy said his party had appealed to the EC to change the Superintendents of Police in several districts and it had changed the SPs in some districts.

“The violent incidents took place in districts like Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Guntur and Anantapur, where the SPs were not changed and the police had acted in support of the TDP,” he alleged.