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Don’t give coverage to Harish: KCR’s diktat to media

The entire mainstream media in Telangana, be it newspapers or TV news channels, have surrendered to CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, after he banned ABN Andhra Jyothy and TV9 channels soon after coming to power in June 2014.

The mainstream media never dare to write against KCR or TRS government, which angers TRS boss.

The situation worsened to such an extent that the press releases sent by Chief Minister’s Office are now the banner stories for media.

The latest diktat to media in Telangana from KCR is not to give coverage to his nephew and Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao, who has been sidelined both in the government and party, after KCR tookover as CM for the second term in December 2018.

What angered KCR and what led to KCR asking media not to give coverage to Harish is now the subject of hot debate in TRS circles.

Irrigation expert Vidyasagar Rao, who was the close aide of KCR during Telangana statehood agitation and who was appointed as adviser to CM after KCR became CM, passed away two years ago.

His second death anniversary was held recently. But KCR or KTR did not bother to remember him or pay homage on his second death anniversary.

Harish was the only one to remember him and paid homage by sending official press note to all the media organisations.

The mainstream media covered Harish press releases prominently.

This triggered a debate accusing KCR and KTR of ignoring Telangana stalwarts who played a key role in Telangana statehood agitation, while at the same time praising Harish for remembering Vidyasagar Rao and paying homage.

This reportedly angered KCR and KTR.

They reportedly asked their press secretaries and also officials of I&PR department, to speak to media groups and ensure Harish did not get coverage if they want to maintain ‘cordial relations’ with TRS government and if they want advertisements from the government.

Soon, the media groups have given instructions to their reporting staff not to report news of Harish Rao and to desk staff not to give coverage for such news.

TRS-owned T-News Channel and newspapers Namasthe Telangana and Telangana Today are already enforcing undeclared ban on Harish Rao for the past few months.

Thanks to social media, whenever KCR and KTR are attacked by netizens in social media for ignoring Harish Rao, he is getting coverage, though very little, in TRS-owned media now and then.

Why is KTR silent on Inter fiasco

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The unusual silence of Telangana Rashtra Samithi working president K T Rama Rao over the goofs-up in the declaration of Intermediate examination results that led to the suicides of nearly 20 students has surprised the opposition parties.

Normally, KTR has the habit of reacting on any major issue immediately on his social media platforms. But so far, he has not made any comments.

His father and Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao also reacted to the fiasco in the Intermediate results only after five days and death of as many as 18 students.

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee leader Ponnam Prabhakar wondered why KTR was tight-lipped over the bungling in Intermediate examinations results.

“The answer is obvious. The private company Globarena got Rs 125 crore contract in the Intermediate board only with the recommendation of KTR,” he alleged.

Ponnam criticised that the TRS government was intentionally destroying the educational system in the state. He demanded the government to reveal the three member committee report regarding inter results issue.

Telangana Jana Samithi president Prof M Kodandaram said KCR was neglecting the education sector only because he did not want educated youth question the failures of his government.

He threatened to lead a massive rally to Intermediate Board to demand sacking of its secretary.

Harish Rao is looking up to BJP

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A popular English daily in Hyderabad came up with an exclusive story on Monday that senior Telangana Rashtra Samithi leader and Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao is looking up to joining the Bharatiya Janata Party.

According to the report, top BJP leadership has approached Harish Rao and held talks with him, promising him to make the chief ministerial candidate in the next elections.

The saffron party, which is looking for a strong leader to galvanise the cadres, could not find a better leader than Harish Rao.

On his part, Harish Rao, too wants a platform to display his strength.

He has realized that there is no future for him in the TRS as the entire power has been granted to TRS working president K T Rama Rao, son of party founder and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Having been completely sidelined in the TRS without even being given a cabinet berth, Harish Rao is also considering the BJP offer.

However, he will wait till the Lok Sabha elections are over and if there is a possibility of Narendra Modi returning to power again, he will take a plunge into the BJP. Otherwise, he will have to wait for the right opportunity.

While the daily, at the end of the story, indicated that it was just an April Fools’ Day prank, analysts do not rule out such a possibility.

In fact, Harish had, indeed, made such an attempt in the past and KCR, who sensed it at the right time, called him and pulled him up. Since then, Harish Rao is lying low.

So, there is no surprise if Harish really does revolt against KCR and takes a plunge into the BJP in the coming days!

Is KTR as working president ‘plus or minus’ for TRS?

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Within two days after TRS winning Assembly elections for second time in December last with a big majority, TRS chief and CM KCR elevated his son as TRS working president.

KTR was given the task of strengthening the party for upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Ironically, instead of focussing on strengthening party at the grass root level, KTR as working president focused more on encouraging and engineering defections in Opposition parties.

This shows that KTR wants ‘vertical growth’ of TRS in a speedy manner rather than ‘horizontal growth’, which takes time and requires patience and hard work.

KTR admitted 11 MLAs from Congress, 2 MLAs from TDP into TRS in his three-month tenure as working president and strongly believes that he made TRS stronger with these defections.

But the ground reality seems different as people seem disgusted at TRS making a mockery of democracy by encouraging defections even after people giving absolute majority to TRS on its own in Assembly elections.

This resentment among voters was reflected in recent MLC elections, where all the three candidates supported by TRS faced an humiliating defeat at the hands of Opposition parties.

This defeat raised a debate in TRS circles whether KTR as working president is a ‘plus or minus’ to TRS in upcoming LS polls.

TRS leaders and cadre believe that KTR should focus on the ‘healthy growth’ of TRS rather than resorting to ‘unhealthy ways’ of encouraging defections and opting for ‘short cut methods’ to achieve results faster, which don’t sustain in the long run.

They think if KTR does not mend his ways, he will only prove to be a ‘minus’ for TRS in the coming days.

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TRS looks to Harish for LS poll salvage

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It’s not even two days since the TRS has submitted its list of ‘star campaigners’ for Lok Sabha polls to the Election Commission.

The list has 20 names of star campaigners but shockingly party’s senior MLA and mass leader T Harish Rao’s name was missing from the list.

The TRS has now submitted a ‘revised list’ to EC including Harish’s name in the list of star campaigners for Lok Sabha polls.

Everyone knows how TRS chief and CM KCR has been deliberately ignoring and sidelining Harish Rao in the party and the government after TRS won Assembly polls for second term in December last and after his son KTR was elevated to TRS working president post.

Everyone in political and party circles believe that this was done for the sake of KTR as KCR wants his son to have complete control over the party and the government.

But the recent political development backfired forcing TRS to look at party’s ‘trouble shooter’ to save the party from the present crisis.

The TRS has been facing rough weather politically when Lok Sabha polls are just two weeks away.

TRS lost MLC polls on Tuesday and on the other hand CM’s daughter Kavitha is lurking at the defeat in Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat with turmeric and red jowar farmers revolting against TRS and KCR and filing over 200 nominations to contest against Kavitha.

In these circumstances, KCR reportedly felt that no one in the party except Harish have the capability to tide away party from the present crisis.

Harish was immediately included in the star campaigners list and he was asked to visit Nizamabad to resolve the issues and also tour other constituencies to boost TRS prospects.

Harish’s episode again proved that no one can suppress a worthy leader or a worthy talent all the time.

Cong Invites ‘Chevella chellemma’ Back

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The unexpected victory of former minister T Jeevan Reddy and two other Congress-backed candidates in the MLC elections gave the much needed relief to the Congress party in Telangana.

The Congress leaders are hopeful that the results would bring to halt the exodus of party leaders into the Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

What is more, they are also hopeful that those who had left the party in haste would also return to the party fold.

On Wednesday, Pradesh Congress Committee treasurer Gudur Narayan Reddy gave a call to those who left the party to come back as the people are disgusted with the TRS.

He particularly invited former minister and Maheshwaram MLA Sabita Indra Reddy to return to the Congress.

“Chevella Chellamma, Malli Ravamma,” he appealed to Sabita. He said Sabita had left the party out of anguish, but he said it would be good for her and the party to come back to the Congress.

He said the mood of people of Telangana was already against TRS in the assembly elections.

“However, chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao manipulated EVMs and indulged in other irregularities to win the polls. The MLC elections, which were held on ballot paper, have proved that it was the Congress, and not the TRS, for whom people have voted in last elections and wants to vote in future. Therefore, the Congress party is bound to win a majority of seats in forthcoming Lok Sabha elections,” he said.

Reddy said teachers, employees and graduates have voted against the TRS-backed candidates in MLC constituencies spread across 42 Assembly segments covering 7 erstwhile undivided districts of Telangana.

Congress leader T. Jeevan Reddy has won from a graduate constituency which includes Sircilla (represented by KTR) and Nizamabad (represented by K. Kavitha) with a majority of over 39,000 votes.

“This has proved that the defeat Jeevan Reddy suffered in the last Assembly elections was purely due to EVM manipulation by TRS. Similar is the case with other Assembly constituencies in Telangana,” he said.

TRS offers ‘tempting packages’ for defections

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Why MLAs from other parties are either defecting or attempting to defect into TRS? Why MLAs from other parties are in a hurry to join TRS though it’s not even six months they got elected to the new Assembly?

While defected MLAs and TRS leaders claim that they are attracted by the ‘development activities and welfare schemes’ being implemented by KCR and are joining TRS because of this reason, the ground reality appears completely different.

The ground reality is the ‘attractive packages’ being offered by TRS.

The ‘attractive package’ includes cash of Rs 10 crore, contracts worth rupees few more crores, which depend on the capacity of the MLA to bid for contracts, regularisation of their encroached lands and illegal buildings and giving ‘political opportunities’ to their kith and kin depending on the needs.

Defected MLAs say the TRS package is so tempting that it is difficult for anyone to resist and reject it.

Speculations are rife that Congress MLA Harshavardhan Reddy joined TRS recently after he was assured of immediate payment of Rs 26 crore land compensation that the government owes to him.

This compensation has been pending for the past three years and it got cleared recently after he joined TRS. Not to mention about the other components of ‘attractive package’ he received for ditching Congress.

Another Congress MLA from Paleru constituency K Upender Reddy joined Congress after his bills worth Rs 50 crore were cleared by TRS bosses.

Upender Reddy is a contractor. His bills are lying pending with the government. They were cleared after he joined TRS.

Similarly, the encroached and disputed lands of few more defected Congress and TDP  MLAs are being regularised in return for joining TRS.

KCR, KTR and Kavitha make tall claims of achieving “Bangaru Telangana” under TRS rule.

But the ‘bangaram’ (gold) in Bangaru Telangana is actually being enjoyed by defectors from other parties into TRS.

Telangana people still did not come out of “Telangana sentiment” ignited by KCR and his family during Telangana statehood agitation even after formation of Telangana State five years ago.

They continue to get blindly carried away by ‘false promises’ and ‘tall claims’ of KCR and his family, which is being blatantly exploited by them for their selfish and political gains.

Now, God only should save Telangana from the ‘murky politics’ of KCR and his family because there is neither a strong Opposition or a strong Opposition leader in Telangana who can fight against TRS or who can open the eyes of Telangana people and enlighten them on the evils committed by KCR and family under the guise of “Telangana self respect’ and “Telangana sentiment”.

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Sabitha Indra Reddy to join in TRS

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In the latest shock to Congress in Telangana, its senior leader and legislator Sabitha Indra Reddy and her son Karthik Reddy are set to join the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

Sabitha Reddy, a former Home Minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, and her son met Chief Minister and TRS President K. Chandrashekhar Rao on Wednesday where she is understood to have sought a cabinet berth for herself and a TRS ticket for her son from Chevella Lok Sabha constituency.

KCR, as Rao is popularly known, reportedly agreed to give field Karthik Reddy but made no commitment on inducting her in his cabinet.

According to sources in Sabitha Reddy’s family, they will formally join the TRS at a public meeting to be held soon in Chevella.

Sabitha Reddy had last Sunday met KCR’s son and TRS Working President K.T. Rama Rao at the residence of Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen President Asaduddin Owaisi, who is playing a key role in Sabitha Reddy’s induction in TRS.

Following this meeting, state Congress chief Uttam Kumar Reddy had maintained that Sabitha Reddy will not leave the party. Congress Working President Revanth Reddy had also called on her to persuade her not to defect.

A key leader in Ranga Reddy district near Hyderabad, Sabitha Reddy was Home Minister in the Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy goverment.

She was elected from Maheswaram Assembly constituency in the December 7 elections. However, her son had quit the Congress on the poll eve after he was denied ticket from the Rajendranagar constituency, which the party had left for its alliance partner Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

With four MLAs defecting to TRS this month, the Congress party’s tally in 119-member Assembly has come down to 15.

Revanth shocks KCR, stops Sabitha from joining TRS

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The task which was not possible for Telangana Congress bigwigs like TPCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy, CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and others, was achieved by TPCC working president Revanth Reddy, who is much junior to them in Congress.

The task was to stop senior Congress leader and MLA Sabitha Indra Reddy from quitting Congress and joining TRS.

Sabitha met KTR two days ago at the residence of AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and offered to join TRS provided her son Karthik Reddy gets TRS Lok Sabha ticket for Chevella seat.

Congress bigwigs rushed to Sabitha’s residence to pacify her and change her mind but in vain.

When everyone thought the ‘deal’ was finalised and Sabitha joining TRS was only a formality, Revanth sprung into action.

Revanth reportedly met Sabitha and brainwashed her about the humiliation being faced by other Congress leaders like D Srinivas, K Keshava Rao etc in TRS after joining there and convinced her to change her mind.

Revanth told her that KCR gives appointment only once while joining and there will be no entry into Pragathi Bhavan later and any leader how big they may be in other parties have to live like ‘slaves’ for KCR and his family in TRS.

Sabitha told Revanth that she was leaving Congress only for the future of his son.

Revanth assured that he will try his best to secure Chevella LS seat for her son by using his influence with AICC president Rahul Gandhi.

As assured, Revanth called Rahul and secured his appointment to meet Sabitha and Karthik Reddy in Delhi today.

Congress bigwigs are shocked to see Revanth’s influence on Rahul and his ability to stop Sabitha from joining TRS.

KCR and KTR were learnt to have shocked over Revanth’s efforts in stopping Sabitha from joining TRS.