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No Compromise with Ravi Prakash

Contrary to speculations, there will be no compromise formula between Ravi Prakash, former CEO of TV and the new owners – My Home Rameshwara Rao and Megha Krishna Reddy.

The new management is firm and determined that law should take its own course in course.

They are not agreeing to the backdoor compromise since Ravi Prakash is still using words like ‘mafia’ for the new management.

Political circles say he is trying his connections in Delhi to influence Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Ravi Prakash wants BJP’s support in bailing him in out in the forgery case and avert arrest. The police, on the other hand, are continuing their interrogation.

It is well known that Ravi Prakash is the mastermind behind Sivaji’s Garuda Puranam and with this theory he tried to tarnish the image of BJP in Telugu states.

So, many political leaders from Hyderabad have already briefed Amit Shah against helping him in this case. He is also not getting any support from media community.

The new management already got the grip of the channel and held a huge meeting with all the channel heads of the group in Hyderabad and guided them course of action.

Ravi Prakash Can’t Avoid Police Now

Former chief executive officer of popular Telugu television channel TV9, V Ravi Prakash, cannot avoid appearing before the Cyberabad police now, as the Supreme Court has closed all the doors of his escape from the case.

On Monday, the Supreme Court which heard the bail petition of Ravi Prakash, rejected the same.

It directed that he had no other option but to appear before the Cyberabad police for questioning in connection with the forgery and criminal conspiracy cases filed by Alanda Media and Entertainment Limited, the new management of TV9 channel.

“He has to appear before the police for interrogation as per the notice served on him under Section 41 A of the Criminal Procedure Code,” the court directed.

Ravi Prakash engaged senior Supreme Court lawyer and Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi, but he could not succeed in securing bail from the court.

The Supreme Court suggested that Ravi Prakash should go back to the state high court to seek anticipatory bail. It directed the high court to conduct re-inquiry into the bail petition based on its merit on June 10 and take a decision.

“We won’t grant any anticipatory bail. The high court can take a decision depending on the merit. It can even reject the bail if it feels it appropriate,” the judges said.

However, the only solace Ravi Prakash got from the Supreme Court was that the police should give 48 hours’ notice before they arrest him.

Ravi Prakash in Bangalore

Fugitive from justice, ex-TV9 boss Ravi Prakash is believed to be hiding in Bangalore. Why Bangalore?

Neither YS Jagan nor KCR is favourably disposed towards Ravi Prakash leaving the latter with no options to negotiate a compromise in the two Telugu States.

Therefore, the disgraced journalist is allegedly negotiating with the BJP leaders there so that the Centre might step in and save him from his self-created mess.

At this juncture, it is only the BJP that can protect him and Ravi Prakash’s strategy is therefore understandable. Meanwhile, another amusing incident took place.

A senior journalist of TV5 went and got himself clicked with Amit Shah. Maybe the poor fellow senses a threat as well. It seems to be a long, bleak road ahead for the ‘Men in Yellow’.

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High Court Rejects Anticipatory Bail to Ravi Prakash

All doors are closing for Ravi Prakash, former CEO of leading news channel TV9. He sought anticipatory bail in the case filed by ABCL group.

However, Telangana High Court today rejected his anticipatory bail petition on the grounds that his reasons are not valid enough to sanction.

Court asked him to appear before the the Cyberabad police who are investigating a case of forgery and cheating against him.

Contending that the case was being heard by the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Ravi Prakash argued that the FIRs were unlawful and offered to cooperate with the police if the anticipatory bail was granted. But court has denied him the bail in advance.

He is facing charges of preparing forged documents with fake signatures following complaints by Alanda Media, notices were served on Ravi Prakash, actor Shivaji and two others.

As Ravi Prakash and Shivaji did not appear before police despite three notices, a Look Out Circular (LOC)s were also issued against them.

Ravi Prakash who is absconding sent a video through social media.

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Police to arrest Ravi Prakash without warrant

Cyberabad Central Crime Station police officials have launched a massive hunt to trace sacked TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash who has gone underground since Friday (May 10) afternoon.

Cyberabad CCS police officials have issued two notices to Ravi Prakash and actor Sivaji under Section 161 for CrPC directing him to appear before them for interrogation.

Both Ravi Prakash and Sivaji failed to appear before police till today.

With this, CCS police officials have decided to issue fresh notices to them under Section 41 of the CrPC.

Under Section 41 of CrPC, the police can arrest the person without obtaining any warrant from the court, if the accused failed to appear before the police for inquiry.

First notice was served to Ravi Prakash on May 9 and second on May 10. But he did not attend for inquiry.

The police conducted searches at TV9 office and his residence but could not trace him.

Even the mobile phones of Ravi Prakash were found to be switched off since Friday afternoon.

With this, police came to a conclusion that he went underground and decided to arrest him without any warrant.

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End of Ravi Prakash era in TV9 journalism

With the sacking of V Ravi Prakash as the chief executive officer and director of Associated Broadcasting Company Limited, the promoter of popular television channel TV9, an era of an eventful and enterprising journalist has come to an end.

All said and done, Ravi Prakash was a trendsetter in Telugu television news channels, introducing revolutionary changes in the news coverage.

At the same time, he is also responsible for blackmailing journalism, unhealthy reporting in the name of sensationalism and steep fall in journalistic values in the electronic media in the last 15 years.

People who watched Ravi Prakash’s meteoric rise in journalism say that there is a huge difference between what he was before TV9 and after launching TV9. He was a thorough professional with passion for journalism.

Like Eenadu group chairman Ch Ramoji Rao, Ravi Prakash too had grown up with Leftist ideology initially but became a thorough capitalist at later stages.

People recall how Ravi Prakash used to crave for spicy news when he was heading the bureau in Siti Cable.

Braving bomb explosions at Rama Naidu Studios, he covered the deadly faction attack on former Telugu Desam Party leader and Rayalaseema factionist Paritala Ravi.

He incurred the wrath of people for trying to speak to bomb blast victims rather than admitting him to hospital. But his daring coverage brought him several laurels.

After he joined Teja News, a sister concern of Gemini TV, Ravi Prakash shot into limelight with the deadly coverage of Basheerbagh police firing on Congress and Communist activists agitating against power tariff hike.

He risked the bullets and covered the incident, which later became an evidence for the investigating authorities.

Riding on his popularity, Ravi Prakash launched TV9 by approaching venture capitalist Srini Raju and after that, there was no looking back.

Within a year, the company made a turnaround in profits and it continued to be a No. 1 Telugu television channel since then.

As his popularity grew, Ravi Prakash turned a pucca capitalist from a journalist. There were several allegations against him like making money through blackmailing, intimidating other journalists and websites who wrote against him, siphoning off money to other ventures in South Africa and other areas, buying illegal properties etc. It is not exactly known how many of these allegations were proven.

Now that he is out of the channel which he founded, nurtured and developed into a profitable venture, it is difficult for Ravi Prakash to get back his glory.

In fact, he has been so much identified with TV9 that it is difficult, as one of the channel reporter said, to imagine TV9 without Ravi Prakash. But that is life!

TV9 Ravi Prakash sacked, booked for forgery

Ravi Prakash, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of popular Telugu television channel TV9, has been sacked from his post by the channel’s new management.

Alanda Media Entertainment Private Limited, a joint venture of My Home Group headed by Jupalli Rameshwar Rao and Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Private Limited (MEIL) Krishna Reddy, which bought over majority of the stakes in the Associated Broadcasting Company Limited that owned TV9, reportedly removed Ravi Prakash from the CEO post.

In his place, Singa Rao, presently CEO of 10TV, also promoted by My Home Group, has been appointed as the new CEO of TV9.

What is more, Alanda Media also filed a complaint with the Cybercrime police of Hyderabad, alleging that Ravi Prakash had siphoned off huge funds from ABCL into his own media venture Mojo TV.

It further alleged that Ravi Prakash had indulged in forgery of Alanda Media’s director Koushik Rao, in a bid to stall the appointment of new directors on the board by My Home group and MEIL. Thus, it is alleged Ravi Prakash tried to prevent Alanda from taking control of TV9 channel from him.

The Cybercrime police have been conducting searches in the offices of TV9 amidst tight police bandobust.

Alanda Media bought 90 per cent of the stakes from ABCL recently, thereby liberating the TV9 channel from Ravi Prakash’s clutches. It got the permission from Union ministry of information and broadcasting for appointing four full-time directors.

However, Ravi Prakash tried to stall the formation of the new board. So, he wrote to the the Centre allegedly forging the signature Kaushik Rao opposing the appointment of new directors.

This led to the Cybercrime police booking a case against him. Apparently, Ravi Prakash and his team have allegedly stolen some hard discs and other documents pertaining to share transactions.

What is worse, Ravi Prakash also sought to create troubles to the new management through actor Shivaji, who claimed to have bought 10,000 shares in the channel. However, it is believed that Shivaji only held benami shares of Ravi Prakash.

The company law board is examining the case now.