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Prabhas Moves out of Saaho in May

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Prabhas has been working for “Saaho” for the last two years but still the film’s work has not yet been completed.

The film that is being made in four languages with whopping Rs 300 Cr budget requires lot of time for post-production, promotional activities and traveling to many cities.

Considering all these factors, he reportedly told director Sujith to finish the film in the first week of May itself. “Saaho” is scheduled for August 15th release.

If the film is completed in May, they will have sufficient time for post-production and publicity. Hence, Prabhas has put final deadline to Sujith, his team and the producers.

Prabhas will have to move to his other film, a period love story being directed by Radhakrishna Kumar.

After working for a month or so for this love story, he will again focus on promotional events of “Saaho”.

Prabhas Gets Trolled for Copying Tom Cruise’s Look

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A brand new poster from “Saaho” is being exhibited in Mumbai. Or social media makes us believe.

Although the poster is not released by the team to the media or on social media, the poster has been kept in Mumbai multiplexes as the next attraction, says a social media post.

The team is aggressively promoting “Saaho” in all major metros from now onwards itself.

This poster is the reason for Prabhas getting trolled on social media. The poster looks exact carbon copy of Tom Cruise’s 2013 film “Oblivion”.

Same gun, same building in the backdrop and the posture is exactly same. It is not clear whether this poster is official material or fan made.

This is not the first time that “Saaho” posters getting trolled. The film’s first look was also heavily criticised as they looked similar to Hollywood movie “Blade Runner 2049.”

When the team wants to release the film globally in big way, shouldn’t “Saaho” get original ideas for promotional material?

Saaho Chapter 2: Guns, Goons, Girl… Boom!

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The second teaser showcasing the making visuals of high octane action thriller of Prabhas is out.

The 1 minute video of Saaho named Shades of Saaho: Chapter 2 is filled with non stop action with heavy duty guns and bullets flying all over the place.

The first look of its leading lady Shraddha Kapoor is revealed and she looks badass holding a gun in hand.

The final shot will give goosebumps to Prabhas fans as the Baahubali star looks his stylish best.

The video ends with Prabhas saying “Boom”, which defines the teaser that has stunning visuals and stupendous music.

Saaho is a high budget action extravaganza that was never done on Indian screen on this scale.

Director Sujeeth and his team looks so immersed in giving us a never before action spectacle and this video will only take the expectations to a whole new level.