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Pawan Kalyan Not Coming Back to Films

Pawan Kalyan is holding review meeting with his party leaders and cadre in Vijayawada from the past two days and has informed them that he will stay put in active politics irrespective of outcome of the polls.

He is undeterred by disastrous result for his party in the recently concluded assembly and parliament elections.

Sources have informed us that when the leader was asked about his movie plans during this meeting, he told him that he would not return to films right now. He will be strengthening the party from grass roots and fight.

Pawan Kalyan’s plan is to fight on public causes relentlessly from early next year.

His party will completely severe ties with TDP in all forms and prove to the public that he has no alliances directly or indirectly with any party.

Pawan Kalyan wants to be alternative force in the coming years in Andhra politics.

Pawan in a dilemma

The recent elections to the assembly and parliament in Andhra Pradesh have come as an eye-opener for actor-turned-Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan.

The party had won just one seat – Razole in East Godavari district by a few hundred votes margin, that, too, not because of the craze for Pawan Kalyan but due to personal image of the candidate Rapaka Vara Prasad. It is only a matter of time that Vara Prasad takes a plunge into YSRC.

The Jana Sena lost deposits in as many as 120 seats out of 137 it had contested.

Pawan Kalyan himself had to bite the dust in both the constituencies he had contested – Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka.

His dream of entering the assembly to raise his voice on the issues of public concern was shattered.

Pawan seems to have realised that politics is not a child’s play nor is it a place for so-called values and principles.

He might have been proud for the sake of his own personal satisfaction that he had not fought the electoral battle by distributing money or selling tickets, but heart-in-hearts, he felt that there is no place for such ideals in politics.

The question is what Pawan will do now – whether he will go back into political oblivion for four years before waking up in the last year before the next elections or begin revamping of the party from grassroots level and build it up as an alternative to the YSRC by next five years.

The Jana Sena chief is holding a meeting of his party leaders at his office in Vijayawada on Monday to chalk out his future course of action.

Apparently, he wants to be in politics for another two decades, irrespective of whether the party wins or loses.

His first objective is to see that the Jana Sena wins at least a few hundred local bodies which are expected to go to polls by next month.

Depending on the outcome, he will come out with his action plan for the next five years, party sources said.

Blockbuster or Disaster

Will Pawan Kalyan step into Velagapudi assembly? Will he emerge as a kingmaker as he has been hoping to or as exit polls predict draw a blank? Results will be known in just 24 hours.

Let’s recap Pawan Kalyan’s political yatra…..

Pawan Kalyan began his political journey in 2009 as president of Yuvarajyam, youth wing of his brother floated political party ‘Prajarajyam’. His 2009 stint was a disaster.

He then continued acting in films and went on delivering blockbusters like “Gabbar Singh” and “Attarintiki Daaredi”.

Super hit show in 2014

In 2014, when Andhra Pradesh was divided into two states, Pawan Kalyan launched his own party Jana Sena but he and his party stayed away from contesting the polls. Instead, he campaigned for TDP and BJP, both the parties came into power.

His 2014’s political show not only was a blockbuster, his image and clout skyrocketed. PM Modi personally invited him for his swearing-in ceremony. Such was Pawan Kalyan’s image back then.

He returned back to Tollywood and continued doing films. However, all his films turned duds this time.

After the colossal flop of “Agnyaathavaasi”, Pawan Kalyan bid bye to films and took up his political party activities seriously.

In 2019 elections, he and his party, for the first time, entered into polls fray. This is his debut election battle.

He contested from Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram assembly seats, while his Jana Sena party has alliance with Left parties and BSP and fielded candidates nearly in 140 seats.

Exit polls have predicted that Pawan Kalyan might win one seat either Bhimavaram or Gajuwaka. The exit polls have given the picture that his party may also be reduced to just 4-5 seats in the Assembly, and no parliament seat is predicted.

Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka…Tough battle

Bhimavaram is predominantly dominated by Rajus and Kapus. Rajus have upper hand. This seat has been represented by either Congress party candidate or TDP candidates mostly from 1980’s.

Pawan Kalyan is facing stiff competition from YSRC candidate here. It would not be easy for him to secure the seat. However, some exit polls said that he may win this seat narrowly.

Gajuwaka assembly constituency was created in 2009 when it was won by Praja Rajyam Party. In 2014, Pawan Kalyan himself campaigned for TDP candidate and the TDP won this constituency.

This time, it had seen triangle fight but early trends say Pawan Kalyan might scape through to emerge as winner here.

Pawan Kalyan Not Interested in Comeback

Will Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party have any chance after 23rd May, when the poll results come out?

Pawan Kalyan is confident of securing seats that would make a mark on Andhra Pradesh political scene.

When asked about his assessment of poll prospects, the actor recently said that he would not speculate on seats.

“We have made an impact. I am pretty sure that our party will be taken seriously by all,” he observed.

With the speculations going on about his comeback to Tollywood, the actor mentioned off the record that he has no such plans at the present.

He wants to continue his political journey irrespective of win or loss. Looks like he has set eyes on 2024.

He has not shaved off his beard and is still maintaining the deglamorized look as political neta.

However, the Tollywood is abuzz with the news that Pawan Kalyan is meeting directors and producers for possible comeback.

Ravi Teja’s Link with Election Results

After media reported that Ravi Teja is struggling to take his movies to sets owing budget problems and script issues, the team of Ravi Teja’s current movie “Disco Raja” went to board and has set things right.

It is said that director Vi Anand had threatened to walk out from the film if this uncertainty continues. Hence, producer Ram Talluri, who has been providing funds to Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party, is commencing the movie again.

The film’s first schedule was earlier done without the presence of Ravi Teja. Now the Mass Maharaja has agreed to participate in the shoot from 27th May.

As GreatAndhra.com reported earlier, producer Ram Talluri is going to start the shoot only after the election results are declared.

The poll outcome will be known on 23rd May. Since he has invested in Pawan Kalyan’s political activities and his media companies, the producer is more anxious to know the fate of Jana Sena.


Gabbar Singh Director Didn’t meet Pawan Kalyan

From the past few days, social media is abuzz with the news that Pawan Kalyan is meeting all the directors he had earlier worked with to discuss about new projects.

It is assumed that he would be starting off series of new films post the election results.

He invited ‘Gabbar Singh’ Harish Shankar to his farm house and asked him to prepare a script. This was reported in media and was widely discussed on social media.

Reacting to these rumors, Harish Shankar tweeted that he didn’t meet Pawan Kalyan in the recent times.

He clarified two things about Pooja Hegde’s issue in his current film ‘Valmiki’ as well as about Pawan Kalyan.

“As the news are going viral I feel responsible to give clarity on these two things 1) The remuneration thing about @hegdepooja is not true 2) As you all know, I love to direct Power Star the news about recent meeting is also not true,” he tweeted.

With surveys are indicating that Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party didn’t much impact on voters, he is said to have understood the political situation of Andhra Pradesh.

Like his brother Megastar Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan too would be taking up film projects again. But Jana Sena team slams these reports.

According to Jana Sena, they are here for long term goals, not to grab for power. They will stay put and fight for social causes and work for people, whatever be the results, the party said in a statement recently.

Harish Shankar gave industry hit “Gabbar Singh” to Pawan Kalyan in 2012. Since then there have been speculations about their second collaboration.

Pawan Kalyan’s Disappearance Raising Doubts!

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Pawan Kalyan has disappeared from the limelight after his whirlwind tour of AP during general elections.

While other party leaders are busy assessing the outcome of the polls, Pawan in his usual style has gone into hibernation and is not to be seen anywhere.

The sudden disappearance of Pawan from the news has been raising doubts over his future plans.

A section of media already started speculating that Pawan Kalyan is planning to resume his career in films depending upon the outcome of the elections.

Few went ahead and reported that Pawan Kalyan has hit the gym to get fit for his next film.

Interestingly, a few leaders of Janasena are still connecting with people via various service activities.

JSP leaders like VV Lakshmi Narayana are receiving accolades for being responsible irrespective of the result. But the leader of JSP is not to be seen anywhere.

Pawan always gets disconnected with his movies after he is done with the dubbing. He doesn’t care about the result of his films. But is that a right strategy in the politics?

People and media might not consider him as a serious player unless he fights for the public without going off the radar for long intervals.

Jana Sena Winds Up IT Wing in Hyderabad

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Even before the election results are declared, Jana Sena is winding up its vast operations.

Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party took many building on lease in Hyderabad and Vijayawada for its operations two years ago.

While its central office in Madhapur in Hyderabad is still running in full force, it is said that the party has decided to shut down the buildings in other places.

A photograph of placing To-Let board in front of Jana Sena’s IT Center is doing the rounds on social media.

The office in Hyderabad’s IT area is now being closed down. All the employees are also given pink slips. They are hired for short term. So, the employees knew that they would not be working after the elections.

These developments clearly send the signals that Pawan Kalyan has come to the conclusion that his party has not performed well in the polls. His party may not get even respectable number of seats.

Pawan Kalyan’s ‘deadly blow’ to TDP

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While almost all the pre-poll surveys and post-poll trends clearly indicated that Jana Sena may at the most could win one Assembly seat in AP Assembly polls, it has now become evident that Jana Sena is all set to deliver a deadly blow to TDP, when the election results will be announced on May 23.

The ground reports obtained by TDP and YSRCP on the polling trends from all the 175 constituencies revealed that Jana Sena is going to badly damage the winning prospects of TDP more than YSRCP.

Jana Sena made a dent in TDP’s vote bank, while YSRCP’s vote bank remained intact.

This was detected especially in East Godavari, West Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts.

In 2014, these three districts played a major role in TDP winning Assembly polls. At that time, Jana Sena did not contest elections and supported TDP. The Jana Sena votes straightaway went to TDP in 2014.

But in recent polls, Jana Sena contested elections and fielded candidates against TDP and YSRCP.

The polling trend revealed that most of the voters who voted for TDP in 2014 in East and West Godavari districts, voted for Jana Sena this time, while there was not much change in the vote bank of YSRCP.

The internal surveys of TDP and YSRCP revealed that TDP may lose 25 seats in these three districts to YSRCP because of vote split by Jana Sena.

In several constituencies, Jana Sena candidates are expected to garner 5,000 votes to 25,000 votes this time, which were originally polled in favour of TDP in 2014, making it easier for YSRCP to defeat TDP candidates.

Besides, there is severe ‘anti incumbency’ in Godavari districts against TDP government.

A major chunk of voters also believed that TDP and Jana Sena have a ‘secret pact’ and if they vote for Jana Sena, it will support TDP later and help Naidu to become CM again.

To avoid this, some voters, though they were Jana Sena supporters, voted for YSRCP.

Pawan may be unlucky, but JD is lucky

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Reports from ground zero in Visakhapatnam are giving an interesting input, though it is too early to make any prediction.

According to these reports, Jana Sena Party chief and power star Pawan Kalyan is unlikely to win the elections from Gajuwaka assembly segment in Visakhapatnam.

Apparently, both the Telugu Desam Party and YSR Congress party took the elections prestigiously and gave a tough fight, while Pawan Kalyan could not match up to them in the last minute poll management.

However, there could be a solace for Pawan in Visakhapatnam, if the reports are to be believed.

His party candidate for Visakhapatnam parliamentary constituency and former Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) joint director V V Lakshminarayana is likely to emerge as a dark horse amidst the toughest contest among TDP, BJP and YSR Congress party candidates.

It is learnt the voters had a tough time in choosing among BJP candidate – former Union minister Daggubati Purandeshwari, her nephew and TDP candidate M Sri Bharat (who happens to be Nandamuri Balakrishna’s son-in-law) and YSRC candidate M V V Satyanarayana.

In the process, many voters apparently felt that Lakshminarayana is an ideal choice as he has a clean image and appeared sincere.

His approach to the voters was also innovative without any fanfare and hungama and finally, the voters were attracted towards his personal manifesto drafted on a bond paper.

So, they had alternative choices for the assembly candidates including Pawan Kalyan, they cross voted for Lakshminarayana, reports said.

But, there is always a percentage of error in such reports, as it is too difficult to read the people’s mind in such close contests. So, let us wait till May 23!