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Jagan’s ‘over goodness’ may prove costly in the long run

Becoming Chief Minister of a state at a young age of 46 years, that too by setting up own party and fighting against manipulative politicians like Chandrababu Naidu, is something which is possible not even for a handful of people on the earth.

But YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy achieved this rare feat.

However, even after becoming CM, the body language and posture of Jagan continues to remain the same.

The ‘commanding nature’ in his body language or his words which are expected from a person of the stature of CM is not seen in Jagan even  a week after assuming office as CM.

Jagan continues to remain ‘friendly and lively’ with officials in AP government, like he behaved with common people during his padayatras, odarpu yatras etc.

Jagan continues to be jovial with officials, looking not-so confident while receiving or addressing senior officials, sitting with folded hands during official review meetings etc.

The week-long functioning as CM and his body language led to a general feeling among public, officials and politicians that Jagan is displaying ‘over goodness’, which may be exploited by officials.

Normally bureaucrats are known to be shrewd. If bosses are jovial and lenient, they tend to exploit the situation to their advantage, indulge in irregularities and bring disrepute to the government. This has been the history of bureaucracy for long.

There are fears that Jagan’s ‘over goodness’ towards officials may prove costly for his government in the long run.

Jagan addressing IAS officers or other senior officials in the government during his review meetings as ‘anna’ and saying “cheppandanna” is something which is not apt for a person of a stature like CM during official meetings.

This has been giving impression to officials that Jagan has ‘easy going nature’ who cannot dictate or control them or behave in a strict and stringent manner.

Some veteran officials are treating Jagan like their son and cracking jokes in meetings as Jagan’s body language and posture is not commanding which is normally expected from a CM.

It’s better Jagan changes his body language and posture as early as possible and look commanding and strict like a CM, else his ‘over goodness’ may be exploited by manipulative and shrewd officials for their personal gains bringing disrepute to government.

Jagan’s sitting posture at Raj Bhavan during Iftar party  in Hyderabad while he was holding discussions with Telangana CM KCR and Governor Narasimhan was also not liked by many.

Jagan did not even occupy his seat fully or comfortably, sat in the first half portion of the seat with folded hands, bowing and bending his head. He was sitting as if he was a small-time employee in the government before KCR and Governor.

He did not look like a CM of a state nor looked confident and composed while talking to them.

Jagan to seek seer’s blessings in Vizag

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy will visit Visakhapatnam on Tuesday to seek the blessings of Hindu seer Swamy Swaroopanandendra Saraswati.

Jagan Reddy is also likely to request the Sharada Peetham pontiff to fix an auspicious time for the expansion of his Cabinet next week.

The Chief Minister will reach Visakhapatnam by a special aircraft from Vijayawada on Tuesday morning and will drive straight to Sharada Peetham to meet the seer.

According to sources in Chief Minister’s Office, he will spend an hour at the ashram before returning to Amaravati.

This will be Jagan Reddy’s first meeting with the seer after the results were declared. The spiritual guru reportedly congratulated him over the phone and is also understood to have set the mahuratam for his swearing-in as the chief minister.

Jagan, as the young leader is popularly known, took oath at 12.23 p.m. on May 30 at a public ceremony in Vijayawada.

The YSRCP chief had been following Swamy Swaroopanandendra for the last couple of years. Interestingly, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao also follows the seer and visited his ashram for blessings after winning Assembly election in December last year.

Though followers of Jagan say he is a devout Christian, the YSRCP President is known to frequent Hindu temples and seers.

In 2016, he went to Rishikesh to perform a ‘homam’ in the presence of Swamy Swaroopanandendra for special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

He also took the blessings of Chinna Jeeyar Swamy before embarking on his 3,600-km long state-wide ‘padyatra’ in 2017.

YSRCP leaders say Jagan is a firm believer in secularism and respects all faiths. A day before taking oath as the Chief Minister, he visited Tirumala temple at Tirupati and a dargah and a church in his native Kadapa district.

At the swearing-in ceremony, he took the blessings of Christian, Muslim and Hindu priests.

Next target 2024 elections

After registering a landslide victory in the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections, YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy set his eyes on 2024 elections in the state.

On Saturday, Jagan was unanimously elected as YSR Congress Legislature Party leader at its meeting held at the party’s headquarters in Tadepalli.

Former minister and MLA Botsa Satyanarayana proposed the name of Jagan as the YSRCLP leader, paving way for his swearing-in as the new chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Several other senior MLAs including Dharmana Prasada Rao, Rajanna Dora, Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, Adimulapu Suresh, K Parthasarathi, Mustafa, R K Roja, Alla Nani, Kona Raghupathi, P Vishwaroop and others supported the resolution.

After the meeting, Jagan will fly to Hyderabad and driver straight to Raj Bhavan to meet Governor E S L Narasimhan to hand over the resolution to him and get a formal invitation from him to form the new government.

Addressing the YSRCLP, Jagan said the hard work done by the party leaders, workers and his supporters paid rich dividends and with the support of the people and the blessings of Almighty, the YSRC could record an astounding victory.

“Our aim for 2019 has been achieved. Now, our target is 2024. Let us make a beginning to achieve the target from now itself and see that we shall get much bigger verdict in the next elections,” he said.

Jagan pointed out that the elections had proved that the god would not forgive those who indulged in irregularities and corruption.

“The god’s verdict was witnessed from the way the TDP, which had poached 23 of party MLAs, ended up with just 23 MLAs,” he said.

Pawar called Jagan? YSRC scotches rumours

Here is yet another piece of rumour in political reporting.

A local English daily from Vijayawada reported that YSR Congress party president Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy had received a call from Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar, on behalf of the Congress party, seeking the former’s support to the anti-BJP coalition.

However, Jagan did not pick up the call from Pawar despite repeated attempts.

Apparently, the YSRC chief is not ready to open any channel of communication yet and wants to maintain status quo till the results are out on May 23, the report said.

The same report was picked by some national channels on Tuesday and tried to make it a big breaking news. But none of these channels could get any official quote either from Pawar or from Jagan’s party leaders.

In fact, YSRC official spokesman Ambati Rambabu made it clear on Tuesday that the report was purely hypothetical and speculative and hence, there was nothing to talk about it.

“We shall give clarity on what our role in Delhi would be only after the election results on May 23,” he said.

Though it is true that Jagan wants to keep his options open on the role to be played by his party at the national level till the results are declared, he is not so discourteous to reject calls made by a senior leader like Sharad Pawar.

“He would have definitely answered the call made by Pawar and told him that he would not like to give any commitment till May 23 evening. After all, who knows what would happen after May 23,” a YSRC source said.

Secondly, nobody would expect Sharad Pawar to talk to Jagan while participating in the negotiations with Telugu Desam Party supremo N Chandrababu Naidu.

If the Congress leadership is really keen on taking the support of Jagan, there are other leaders like his family friend K V P Ramachandra Rao and others.

So, all gas in this gossip!

Jagan facing nuisance from party leaders

The elections to Andhra Pradesh state assembly were over on April 11 and it will take another two weeks for the declaration of results to decide who will form the next government in the state.

YSR Congress party is pretty confident that it will come to power after May 23. Many other election surveys also indicated the same, though the exact outcome of exit polls will be known only on May 19.

But, there is always a slip between cup and lip. The TDP leaders are also confident that their party will scrape through in the elections and will retain power. So, it is better to wait and watch till May 23, when the results will be out.

However, the YSR Congress party leaders seem to be very eager in having their share in power and have started lobbying for the same.

The Lotus Pond office in Hyderabad is being flooded with the prospective MLA candidates who are making their own efforts to reserve their berths in the new cabinet.

Then there are other party leaders from top to bottom, who have been struggling hard for the party for several years. They are lobbying for important posts and positions in the government and government corporations.

Even senior officials of the Andhra Pradesh government are secretly doing rounds to Lotus Pond for prime postings, if Jagan comes to power.

These leaders have become a big nuisance for Jagan, as everybody comes to him and submits an application. He cannot talk rudely with them, as they worked hard for the party for several years.

He has been patiently telling them to wait till the elections results are announced and promising them to take care of their interests.

Yet, they have not stopped bothering him. Wherever he goes, whether it is to Dehradun for a holidaying or a cinema in a multiplex in Hyderabad, some leader or the other appears before Jagan to put forth their requests. Though it is irritating for Jagan, he is helpless.

Well, these are very common in any political party that has chances of coming to power. And Jagan has no option but to bear with them!

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YSRC getting ready for Jagan swearing-in

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Though it is nearly 40 days to go for the announcement of results for the recently held assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, YSR Congress party appears to be getting ready for the swearing-in ceremony of party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy as the chief minister of the state.

According to highly sources, the party leaders have already started discussing the arrangements for the swearing-in ceremony, the preparation of list of invitees for the ceremony and also composition of cabinet.

It is learnt some of the top bureaucrats and police officials of Andhra have started visiting Lotus Pond to meet Jagan so as to get into his good books for key positions.

Expectedly, Jagan is also hinted at a major reshuffle of bureaucracy and police administration within a couple of days of taking oath as the chief minister.

Such is the enthusiasm of the YSRC leaders and cadre that some highly-optimistic party workers even prepared the name plate of Jagan, referring him as Honourable Chief Minister.

Even some reporters who are die-hard fans of Jagan, have been describing as CM Jagan in their social media groups.

The latest talk is that Jagan is interested in taking oath in public, like his father Y S Rajasekhar Reddy had done in 2004.

While YSR had taken oath at Lal Bahadur Stadium where he signed the first file on free power supply to farmers, Jagan will also take oath most probably at Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium in Vijayawada or Nagarjuna University grounds in Guntur amidst a huge turnout and signs the files pertaining to implementation of Nava Ratnalu (nine promises) made during the padayatra.

It is learnt Jagan is planning to invite Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and other prominent TRS leaders to the swearing-in ceremony.

“He has several other plans in mind, but he is yet to disclose the same,” a party leader said.