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Boyapati Srinu Left Empty Handed

Boyapati Srinu took things for granted in Vinaya Vidheya Rama as he got over confident about his grip over so called commercial elements.

He went overboard with the mass masala stuff that has led to a dismal failure at box office.

VVR was a huge letdown that Ram Charan had to apologize to his fans for doing such a poor film.

However, Boyapati didn’t bothered much as he got a nod from Balakrishna. But he couldn’t come up with a story in time and Balakrishna moved on to some other film.

With Balayya getting busy, Boyapati has no one available at the moment. All the top stars are busy with their current assignments and mid-range stars also are not free as of now.

Boyapati is looking to rope in a fairly new actor for his next. But who will come forward to pool money bags for the director who cannot make movies on a low budget?

Boyapati Srinu Leaves Chandra Babu With Mixed Feelings

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Boyapati Srinu was recovering a humiliating failure with Vinaya Vidheya Rama when the TDP Government has assigned him the job of doing promotional ads for TDP for the upcoming AP Assembly and Parliament polls.

Boyapati, an ardent admirer of Nandamuri family and a staunch follower of TDP took it as a challenge and directed nearly ten Pro-TDP ads that are being aired across all the channels now.

Few ads are getting thumping response, while a few are getting trolled on social media. It is always either a hit or miss with Boyapati and the TDP ad campaign is no different.

He has given nice elevations to Chandra Babu’s Governance and his schemes in certain ads and has gone overboard in praising CBN in some ads.

Boyapati’s ads are trending on social media platforms irrespective of their merits. TDP followers are trending good ads and the anti-TDP people are trolling the bad ads.

Boyapati’s ads are getting the job done either way by getting maximum attention