Pawan Kalyan Takes A Dig At Jagan

Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan said on Sunday that his party, after losing the elections, had taken the shape of a proper political outfit, and called upon the cadres and leaders to be prepared to fight for the people’s issues.

“I respect Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I am not afraid of him. But those leading the State are afraid of him,” Pawan Kalyan said.

Pawan Kalyan was addressing the party activists from the Rayalaseema region at the party office in Mangalagiri.

Stating that he did not expect miracles to happen in the 2019 elections, he said, “It is not easy to sustain in politics without financial support. But it will remain impossible if we do not try to sustain. People have tested the JSP candidates and the party. Only failure will reveal who will withstand and who will run away.”

Pawan Kalyan said he would keep the party afloat until his last breath and be available to the party leaders and people.

“Even if every one leave, I shall stand by the party. Many people asked why I haven’t visited Mr. Modi when I got a call. For me, the interest of the State is more important,” he said.

About Rayalaseema and North Andhra, Mr. Kalyan said the two regions were in the grip of a few families, and asked the party cadres to stand by the people.

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