Naidu not in PM race, but to decide PM

Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu is not interested in becoming a king, but wants to become a king maker.

He made this clear, while speaking to media in Amaravati on Wednesday.

Reacting to the comment made by Nationalist Congress Party president Sharad Pawar that Naidu could become a better Prime Minister than Modi, the TDP chief said he had never aspired for the Prime Minister post nor was he interested in the big chair.

He, however, asserted that he would be part of the core team comprising the Congress and other regional parties to decide on the prime ministerial candidate after the announcement of results scheduled on May 23.

“Let us not speculate anything on the PM post, as the remaining three phases of general elections are yet to be completed. After the announcement of results, the Congress and other like-mined parties will sit together and we shall ecide on who the PM candidate will be,” he said.

Naidu came down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ridiculing the opposition parties on their PM ambitions.

He was referring to Modi’s comments at a meeting in Uttar Pradesh that those who could not even get the leader of opposition status are now getting their clothes stitched for the Prime Minister post.

“This is a very cheap comment from a leader of Prime Minister’s stature to talk about clothes of opposition leaders. Such talk does not augur well for his position. He is in fact denigrating the image of the PM chair, which was occupied by respected leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Vajyapee and Manmohan Singh,” Naidu said.

Reminding the Rs 10 lakh suit of Modi, Naidu said: “Modi will wear a dress for breakfast, another for dinner and change the dress for every meeting. But, we in the Mahagathbandhan are not interested in such ostentatious dresses”.

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