KCR forced to accept Rahul as PM

At state-level, TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao is on a mission to wipe out Congress from Telangana by encouraging defection of Congress MLAs and MLCs into TRS.

But at national-level, KCR is forced to support Congress and support Rahul as next Prime Minister, after Lok Sabha results on May 23.

KCR is trying to forge a Federal Front comprising of regional parties and Left parties to prevent Congress and BJP led coalitions from coming to power at the Centre.

But the feedback KCR has been getting from most of the regional parties and Left parties is that any Front without the involvement of Congress cannot come to power at the Centre.

With this, KCR is learnt to have come to the terms and accept the reality.

But KCR cannot accept this publicly because Congress is the main rival of TRS in Telangana.

To avoid this, KCR has come up with a new proposal of having a “Prime Minister from South India”.

If one analyses the KCR’s new proposal thoroughly, it shows how clever KCR is as a politician.

KCR wants to get closer to regional parties of Southern states and also convince regional parties of other states and also Congress and Left parties by floating this proposal.

KCR has now come up with a new theory of projecting Rahul Gandhi as South India leader on the ground that Rahul contested from Wayanad Lok Sabha seat from Southern state of Kerala.

If Rahul wins Wayanad seat and becomes PM, then he can be claimed as PM from South India.

KCR’s logic may sound strange for many but in the case of KCR nothing can be ruled out.

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