Jagan’s ‘over goodness’ may prove costly in the long run

Becoming Chief Minister of a state at a young age of 46 years, that too by setting up own party and fighting against manipulative politicians like Chandrababu Naidu, is something which is possible not even for a handful of people on the earth.

But YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy achieved this rare feat.

However, even after becoming CM, the body language and posture of Jagan continues to remain the same.

The ‘commanding nature’ in his body language or his words which are expected from a person of the stature of CM is not seen in Jagan even¬† a week after assuming office as CM.

Jagan continues to remain ‘friendly and lively’ with officials in AP government, like he behaved with common people during his padayatras, odarpu yatras etc.

Jagan continues to be jovial with officials, looking not-so confident while receiving or addressing senior officials, sitting with folded hands during official review meetings etc.

The week-long functioning as CM and his body language led to a general feeling among public, officials and politicians that Jagan is displaying ‘over goodness’, which may be exploited by officials.

Normally bureaucrats are known to be shrewd. If bosses are jovial and lenient, they tend to exploit the situation to their advantage, indulge in irregularities and bring disrepute to the government. This has been the history of bureaucracy for long.

There are fears that Jagan’s ‘over goodness’ towards officials may prove costly for his government in the long run.

Jagan addressing IAS officers or other senior officials in the government during his review meetings as ‘anna’ and saying “cheppandanna” is something which is not apt for a person of a stature like CM during official meetings.

This has been giving impression to officials that Jagan has ‘easy going nature’ who cannot dictate or control them or behave in a strict and stringent manner.

Some veteran officials are treating Jagan like their son and cracking jokes in meetings as Jagan’s body language and posture is not commanding which is normally expected from a CM.

It’s better Jagan changes his body language and posture as early as possible and look commanding and strict like a CM, else his ‘over goodness’ may be exploited by manipulative and shrewd officials for their personal gains bringing disrepute to government.

Jagan’s sitting posture at Raj Bhavan during Iftar party¬† in Hyderabad while he was holding discussions with Telangana CM KCR and Governor Narasimhan was also not liked by many.

Jagan did not even occupy his seat fully or comfortably, sat in the first half portion of the seat with folded hands, bowing and bending his head. He was sitting as if he was a small-time employee in the government before KCR and Governor.

He did not look like a CM of a state nor looked confident and composed while talking to them.

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