Fewer Telangana, Andhra Pradesh students qualify in NEET 2019

The percentage of students who qualified for NEET from Telugu states has reduced this time – from 68.88 to 67.44 in Telangana state and from 72.55 to 70.72 in Andhra Pradesh.

In Andhra Pradesh, around 57,798 students registered for the test, out of which 55,200 students were present. Of this only 39,039 students qualified, which equates to 70.72 per cent.

In Telangana state, around 51,114 registered for the test, out of which 48,996 were present, and 33,044 qualified, which equates to 67.44

Corporate education in the Telugu states is focusing more on techniques and memorisation methods to crack the entrance examinations rather than focusing on imparting conceptual education, whereas the exams which are being conducted India-wide focus more on conceptual knowledge. This may be the reason for the reduction in the percentage, said a senior lecturer in a corporate college.

In only four states did more than 70 per cent of the students qualify for the Neet. Andhra Pradesh is one of them with 70.72, whereas Delhi topped with 74.92 per cent, followed by Haryana and Chandigarh, with 73.41 and 73.24 respectively

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