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Anushka Sizzles In Vogue Photo Shoot

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Bollywood Supestar and wife Anushka Sharma looks like a retro queen in her latest photo shoot with the Vogue Magazine.

She got extremely candid in the chit chat with Vogue where she shared many secrets about her personal and professional life.

Anushka is being very selective with her choice of roles of late. She is making sure to do challenging roles like the one she played in Zero.

“I’m in this space where I feel very peaceful, comfortable, self-assured and, I guess, really in touch with myself one hundred percent,” she said.

Malvika Sharma new still

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Malvika Sharma who debuted with Raviteja’s Nela Ticket couldn’t get the launch she had anticipated for.

Nela Ticket turned out to be a huge disaster that Malvika is left with no offers. Meanwhile, she is keeping her admirers glued to her Instagram pages with spicy updates.

In one of her recent posts, Malavika was seen performing pole dance. She has aced it and got tremendous response from fans too.

With nearly half a million followers, she is already a big star on Instagram. All she needs is one good opportunity to show these skills on big screen.

Amaravathi can never be Hyd: IT firms mock at Naidu, Lokesh!

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TDP chief and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu who boasts of inventing and introducing computers and cell phones to Telugu people, while he was CM of Undivided AP between 1995 and 2004, is being mocked by IT firms in Hyderabad.

Naidu and his son, IT minister Lokesh, who are in a fix over ‘TDP data theft App’ are frustrated of getting caught on the wrong side and cursing Hyderabad and Telangana government day in and day out to cover up their mischief.

Naidu and Lokesh are claiming that IT firms in Hyderabad are worried over police raids by Telangana government and planning to shift their base to Amaravathi.

CM Naidu even went a step further and said, “No IT company will remain in Hyderabad if TRS government resorts to these kind of raids for political gains. I brought IT firms to Hyderabad. If I want, I can take away all these IT firms in Hyderabad to Amaravathi. But it is not my intention. IT companies in Hyderabad are already planning to move to Amaravathi.”

Lokesh too gave a statement that IT firms in Hyderabad will move to Amaravathi in the wake of raids on IT Grids company in Hyderabad.

IT firms in Hyderabad IT corridor can’t stop laughing at the statements being given by Naidu and Lokesh.

“What is there is Amaravathi? They could not provide even basic facilities like roads, drainage system etc in these five years in Amaravathi.

“Hyderabad has international connectivity, cosmopolitan culture, entertainment centres and what not. Amaravathi can never be Hyderabad, at least in the next 50 years.

“Hyderabad’s geographical advantages are unparalleled in the country and who would like to move away from Hyderabad to Amaravathi,” said officials of top IT firms, who held a meeting in Hyderabad IT corridor to discuss on ongoing developments over ‘data theft case’.

They said Naidu had been damaging his own reputation with his silly comments on data theft case, which is no way connected to IT industry in Hyderabad but a political slug fest between TDP and YSRCP.

They suggested Naidu not to drag IT industries and Hyderabad image into this mindless controversy unnecessarily for his selfish political interests.

No data protection in Hyderabad: Chandrababu Naidu

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Continuing his attack on Telangana’s TRS government over the alleged data theft case, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday said there was no protection to data assets in Hyderabad.

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) president said the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government with its “childish” acts was damaging the brand image of Hyderabad.

“In such a situation who will store data in Hyderabad,” asked Naidu during a video conference with TDP leaders.

He was reacting to a data theft case booked by the Telangana Police against IT Grids, a company engaged by TDP.

The Hyderabad-based firm is accused of having access to sensitive data of 3.5 crore voters of Andhra Pradesh and misusing it to help TDP identify ‘anti-TDP’ voters and delete their names from the electoral rolls.

Naidu reiterated that the data pertains to the TDP, and not the government as is being claimed by the Telangana Police. He alleged that TRS had hatched a conspiracy and was stealing the TDP data to help the YSR Congress in the coming elections.

Noting that the TDP had built the data over the last 24 years, he said the party would not keep quiet if its data assets were stolen.

He alleged that out of sheer arrogance of power, the TRS was crossing all limits to interfere in a matter not related to Telangana.

The TRS wanted to see a “feudal kingdom” in Andhra Pradesh and was helping the YSR Congress to realise this, Naidu added.

He also said that the names of eligible voters were being deleted from the rolls as some people were misusing Form 7 to submit online applications to further their vested interests.

He warned that the government would deal firmly with those indulging in cyber crimes.

Mahesh Babu Sets A New Record

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It is confirmed that Mahesh Babu’s next will be directed by Anil Ravipudi as the former officially called off Sukumar’s project yesterday.

Anil Ravipudi who has scored a big hit with F2 is entering the big league with Superstar’s film. The film is likely to be produced by Anil Sunkara and Dil Raju.

Anil Ravipudi has given a  budget estimate of Rs. 50 crore for the making of the movie excluding Mahesh’s remuneration. This amount will be recovered through digital, satellite and Hindi dubbing rights.

Theatrical business will be around Rs. 100 crore given the crazy combination.

Mahesh will get fifty percent of the theatrical business as his remuneration and the rest will be shared between the producers.

Therefore, Mahesh would be receiving a pay check of nearly Rs. 50 crore for this film. It is going to be a new record remuneration for any Telugu hero.

Chiranjeevi is reportedly paid Rs. 30 crore for Sye Raa a period drama that is taking very long time to hit the finish line. But Anil Ravipudi’s film will be complete within six months and Mahesh gets a whopping Rs. 50 crore for his work!

This could be the reason for Mahesh to take up this project over other proposals.

Murali Mohan will not contest 2019 general elections

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Maganti Murali Mohan has made it clear that he will not be contesting the 2019 elections and neither will his daughter-in-law Roopa.

The Rajamahendravaram MP said he wants to focus on his Trust and its charity activities.

Denying reports that he has been denied a ticket for 2019, Murali Mohan said, “In 2014, I won with a majority of 1 lakh votes. In 2019, I am confident of winning with a majority of 2 lakh. But, as I’ve said, I want to focus on providing free education to around 1000 students through my Trust and other activities.”

He added that he would continue in politics and discharge his duties as a loyal Party worker.

While some analysts opine that Murali Mohan was indeed denied a ticket by Chandrababu for 2019, sources close to the TDP MP say this is not the case.

“Murali Mohan is a TDP loyalist and Chandrababu Naidu has a lot of respect for him. The decision not to contest in 2019 is entirely that of Murali Mohan. In fact, Chandrababu actually tried to make Murali Mohan change his mind but acquiesced to the latter’s request out of respect for him.”

Well, which is the true version?

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram Thanking His Stars

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Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and hit status are not things that you hear very commonly. Though he is an actor who has always attempted to give something new to audiences, success has visited him only sporadically.

His latest action thriller 118 is one such film that is turning out to be a hit for the actor. Sold for very reasonable prices, the movie is on its way to achieving break-even status for all parties involved.

The movie had a fantastic Day 4, with Nizam revenues on Day 4 being higher than Day 3, Day 2 and Day1. The Mahasivarathri public holiday and favourable word of mouth have played a big role in this.

The Nandamuri actor is reportedly overjoyed and is exclaiming to his close circle about how he can’t believe his luck.

The film is continuing its superb good run in Krishna, Uttarandhra areas as well.

Ace producer Dil Raju, who backed this movie by taking the Andhra and Nizam rights, is going to walk away with handsome profits.

4th Day Shares for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Areas :

Nizam : 76 lakhs
Krishna : 10 lakhs
West : 9 lakhs
East : 10 lakhs
Guntur : 9 lakhs
Uttharandhra : 14 lakhs
Ceeded : 23 lakhs
Nellore : 4 lakhs

Day 4 Total TG and AP Share : 1.57 crores

4 Days Total Shares in AP and Telangana :

Nizam : 2.53 crores
Krishna : 44 lakhs
West : 33 lakhs
East : 36 lakhs
Guntur : 45 lakhs
Uttharandhra : 63 lakhs
Ceeded : 91 lakhs
Nellore : 20 lakhs

Total 4 days Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Share : 5.85 Crores

Taking a political survey from students will delete your vote in AP

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If you receive a call from girls informing that they are from a University studying in the Department of Political Science and ask you to take a political survey as part of their project work, you should be cautious.

With the Telangana Police Department’s inquiry into personal data leakage, it is clear that a political party has disclosed all the data about the voters, including their Aadhar and mobile phone numbers.

With the mobile number in hand, a team from that political party is conducting a survey claiming themselves as students from Hyderabad Osmania University and other universities.

In the survey, they will ask you questions like how satisfied you are with the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and who do you prefer as your next Chief Minister?

If they feel that you will not vote for the party for which they are working, the data will be transmitted their bosses who work to erase your vote.

Many people from Andhra Pradesh are receiving these calls from the last few months.

A YSRC leader also received calls on behalf of students from Osmania University and he has asked them about the details of the projects. But he did not answer any of the questions put by the lady in the name of a survey for her college project.

Similarly, many of AP voters are receiving these calls.

Fake delete pleas hit 3.7% of AP electorate

In a short span of seven days, the Election Commission (EC) received en masse applications from unidentified persons seeking deletion of 13.16 lakh votes — roughly 3.7% of the total electorate of 3.69 crore in AP.

The Election Commission has now directed district authorities to lodge complaints with police to identify the IP addresses of the culprits.

The flood of fake applications to remove names of eligible voters began on Feb 26 and verification by revenue authorities revealed that most of them were illiterate.

Nellore: Bulk deletion of voters

At the instance of the district election officer and collector, Nellore district, R. Muthyala Raju, several cases were filed on Monday against different persons who applied for deletion of votes in bulk in Atmakur, Sarvepalli and Sullurpeta Assembly segments.

Tahsildars of Atmakur and Marripadu in Atmakur Assembly constituency, Podalakur in Sarvepalli segment, Ozili, Pellakur and Naidupeta in Sullurpeta Assembly segment wrote to the station house officers of police stations in their jurisdiction to book cases against different persons who applied for deletion of votes.

Applications in Form 7 have been received to delete 1,117 voters from 28 persons on February 26 and 28 in Pellakur mandal.

Similarly applications have been submitted to delete 327 voters in Ozili mandal.

Online applications have been received from different persons three to six times to remove votes of particular persons in Marripadu mandal.

In Naidupeta mandal also, applications to delete 1,302 names from the voters list were received by officials from 23 persons. Interestingly all the applications for deletion have been submitted on February 26 and 28.

Police have started investigation to initiate action against the culprits.

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Sukumar and Allu Arjun film locked

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In a major twist, Allu Arjun and Sukumar’s film has been announced. Though Mahesh Babu is willing to begin Sukumar’s film along with Anil Ravipudi’s movie, Sukumar has decided to go with Allu Arjun.

Allu Arjun’s 20th film will be directed by Sukumar and Mythri Movie Makers will produce this film. Will Mahesh Babu now do Sukumar’s film later?

All Arjun has already signed his 19th film for director Trivikram and it will be launched shortly. Sukumar will direct 20th movie.

This is third time that Sukumar is directing Allu Arjun after ‘Arya’ and ‘Arya 2’.