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Mahesh kisses Vamshi

The success of ‘Maharshi’ did not sink in for superstar Mahesh Babu and director Vamshi Paidipally.

Post the success meet last night, the duo and the team had gathered around for a small get-together yet again.

In here, Mahesh had kissed director Vamshi and the latter had shared picture in his official Twitter handle.

“My best moment, can’t ask for more,” wrote Vamshi as a caption to the picture.

In another picture posted by Vamshi, it had his daughter and Mahesh with his daughter.

Looks like the success celebrations of ‘Maharshi’ will go for few days or so.

End of Ravi Prakash era in TV9 journalism

With the sacking of V Ravi Prakash as the chief executive officer and director of Associated Broadcasting Company Limited, the promoter of popular television channel TV9, an era of an eventful and enterprising journalist has come to an end.

All said and done, Ravi Prakash was a trendsetter in Telugu television news channels, introducing revolutionary changes in the news coverage.

At the same time, he is also responsible for blackmailing journalism, unhealthy reporting in the name of sensationalism and steep fall in journalistic values in the electronic media in the last 15 years.

People who watched Ravi Prakash’s meteoric rise in journalism say that there is a huge difference between what he was before TV9 and after launching TV9. He was a thorough professional with passion for journalism.

Like Eenadu group chairman Ch Ramoji Rao, Ravi Prakash too had grown up with Leftist ideology initially but became a thorough capitalist at later stages.

People recall how Ravi Prakash used to crave for spicy news when he was heading the bureau in Siti Cable.

Braving bomb explosions at Rama Naidu Studios, he covered the deadly faction attack on former Telugu Desam Party leader and Rayalaseema factionist Paritala Ravi.

He incurred the wrath of people for trying to speak to bomb blast victims rather than admitting him to hospital. But his daring coverage brought him several laurels.

After he joined Teja News, a sister concern of Gemini TV, Ravi Prakash shot into limelight with the deadly coverage of Basheerbagh police firing on Congress and Communist activists agitating against power tariff hike.

He risked the bullets and covered the incident, which later became an evidence for the investigating authorities.

Riding on his popularity, Ravi Prakash launched TV9 by approaching venture capitalist Srini Raju and after that, there was no looking back.

Within a year, the company made a turnaround in profits and it continued to be a No. 1 Telugu television channel since then.

As his popularity grew, Ravi Prakash turned a pucca capitalist from a journalist. There were several allegations against him like making money through blackmailing, intimidating other journalists and websites who wrote against him, siphoning off money to other ventures in South Africa and other areas, buying illegal properties etc. It is not exactly known how many of these allegations were proven.

Now that he is out of the channel which he founded, nurtured and developed into a profitable venture, it is difficult for Ravi Prakash to get back his glory.

In fact, he has been so much identified with TV9 that it is difficult, as one of the channel reporter said, to imagine TV9 without Ravi Prakash. But that is life!

Mamata ‘Bengal tigress’, taught lesson to Modi

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday hailed his West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee as a “Bengal tigress” and said she had “taught a lesson” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief attended Banerjee’s election rally in West Midnapore district’s industrial city of Kharagpur in support of her party Trinamool Congress’ Lok Sabha candidate Manas Bhunia.

“Prime Minister Modi is creating problems across the country but West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has taught him a lesson. ‘Didi’ is a Bengal tigress,” Naidu said here, speaking in Bengali which evoked loud cheers from the Trinamool supporters.

He said West Bengal will play an “important role” in forming the new government at the Centre after the 2019 poll results.

“I have come here from Andhra Pradesh to meet you people. What Bengal thinks today, the country thinks tomorrow. Bengal will play an important role in this Lok Sabha election. You people will decide who will come to power at the Centre,” he added.

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Jagan facing nuisance from party leaders

The elections to Andhra Pradesh state assembly were over on April 11 and it will take another two weeks for the declaration of results to decide who will form the next government in the state.

YSR Congress party is pretty confident that it will come to power after May 23. Many other election surveys also indicated the same, though the exact outcome of exit polls will be known only on May 19.

But, there is always a slip between cup and lip. The TDP leaders are also confident that their party will scrape through in the elections and will retain power. So, it is better to wait and watch till May 23, when the results will be out.

However, the YSR Congress party leaders seem to be very eager in having their share in power and have started lobbying for the same.

The Lotus Pond office in Hyderabad is being flooded with the prospective MLA candidates who are making their own efforts to reserve their berths in the new cabinet.

Then there are other party leaders from top to bottom, who have been struggling hard for the party for several years. They are lobbying for important posts and positions in the government and government corporations.

Even senior officials of the Andhra Pradesh government are secretly doing rounds to Lotus Pond for prime postings, if Jagan comes to power.

These leaders have become a big nuisance for Jagan, as everybody comes to him and submits an application. He cannot talk rudely with them, as they worked hard for the party for several years.

He has been patiently telling them to wait till the elections results are announced and promising them to take care of their interests.

Yet, they have not stopped bothering him. Wherever he goes, whether it is to Dehradun for a holidaying or a cinema in a multiplex in Hyderabad, some leader or the other appears before Jagan to put forth their requests. Though it is irritating for Jagan, he is helpless.

Well, these are very common in any political party that has chances of coming to power. And Jagan has no option but to bear with them!

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Naidu, KCR to become ‘friends’ again

The love-hate relationship between CMs of AP and TS, N Chandrababu Naidu and K Chandrasekhar Rao, has been taking new twists as the May 23 deadline of declaration of general elections nears.

National media in Delhi is abuzz with reports that both the Telugu CMs are coming together again to help the formation of a Congress-led government at the Centre after LS results with the support of all regional parties and Left parties and if time favours, form a government of regional parties with the support of Congress.

After analysing the polling trends of five phases of Lok Sabha polls held so far, KCR is learnt to have come to a conclusion that there is no scope for BJP-led NDA government coming to power at the Centre again.

Though KCR was initially in favour of supporting BJP, along with YSRCP Jagan, he dropped his plans after majority of the regional parties and Left parties do not want Modi to become PM again.

When KCR met leaders of regional parties and CPM leader, Kerala CM Vijayan, they suggested KCR to maintain distance with BJP and rather work with Congress.

They warned KCR that if Modi becomes PM again, he will pose a threat even to TRS in Telangana in the coming days by dividing Hindu and Muslim voters in Telangana on communal lines, which has been already witnessed in Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Adilabad Lok Sabha polling recently where BJP expected to make huge gains in vote share, if not wins these seats.

With this KCR is learnt to have decided to sail with Congress and for this he sought the help of Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy and DMK chief Stalin to ‘mediate’ with Rahul on taking him into Congress-led coalition.

However, both these leaders reportedly told KCR that Chandababu enjoys more clout at Rahul Gandhi at present than any other leader, and only Naidu can help him.

KCR instead of directly approaching Naidu, reportedly roped in TRS senior leaders, Tummala Nageshwar Rao, Kadiam Srihari, Nama Nageshwar Rao, who worked in TDP for decades along with him and still mantain good relations with Naidu.

These leaders conveyed KCR’s feelings to Naidu, who apparently told them that he had no objection to work with KCR in national politics to dethrone Modi.

Naidu is expected to invite KCR for the meeting of all non-BJP parties on May 21 in Delhi to form a Front, which will stake claim to form the government at the Centre soon after announcement of results on May 23.

KCR too is expected to camp in Delhi along with Naidu from May 21 till the new government takes over.

KCR wants to avoid speaking or interfering in ‘Andhra politics’ for new to please Naidu and remain calm on his relations with Jagan till a clarity comes on who will come to power at the Centre and in AP.

TV9 Ravi Prakash sacked, booked for forgery

Ravi Prakash, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of popular Telugu television channel TV9, has been sacked from his post by the channel’s new management.

Alanda Media Entertainment Private Limited, a joint venture of My Home Group headed by Jupalli Rameshwar Rao and Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Private Limited (MEIL) Krishna Reddy, which bought over majority of the stakes in the Associated Broadcasting Company Limited that owned TV9, reportedly removed Ravi Prakash from the CEO post.

In his place, Singa Rao, presently CEO of 10TV, also promoted by My Home Group, has been appointed as the new CEO of TV9.

What is more, Alanda Media also filed a complaint with the Cybercrime police of Hyderabad, alleging that Ravi Prakash had siphoned off huge funds from ABCL into his own media venture Mojo TV.

It further alleged that Ravi Prakash had indulged in forgery of Alanda Media’s director Koushik Rao, in a bid to stall the appointment of new directors on the board by My Home group and MEIL. Thus, it is alleged Ravi Prakash tried to prevent Alanda from taking control of TV9 channel from him.

The Cybercrime police have been conducting searches in the offices of TV9 amidst tight police bandobust.

Alanda Media bought 90 per cent of the stakes from ABCL recently, thereby liberating the TV9 channel from Ravi Prakash’s clutches. It got the permission from Union ministry of information and broadcasting for appointing four full-time directors.

However, Ravi Prakash tried to stall the formation of the new board. So, he wrote to the the Centre allegedly forging the signature Kaushik Rao opposing the appointment of new directors.

This led to the Cybercrime police booking a case against him. Apparently, Ravi Prakash and his team have allegedly stolen some hard discs and other documents pertaining to share transactions.

What is worse, Ravi Prakash also sought to create troubles to the new management through actor Shivaji, who claimed to have bought 10,000 shares in the channel. However, it is believed that Shivaji only held benami shares of Ravi Prakash.

The company law board is examining the case now.

Setback for Naidu in SC once again

In yet another setback for Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, the Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a review petition filed by him along with representatives of 20 other parties seeking to count at least 50 per cent of the VVPAT slips along with EVMs during the counting of votes.

Supreme Court took less than a minute to dismiss the review petition, saying it did not want to modify the earlier order.

Naidu went to New Delhi to personally attend the court to give an impression to the people that he is fighting for democratic rights of the people for having a free and fair election.

Naidu and other opposition leaders filed a review petition after Election Commission of India has turned down the request of them on the counting of 50 per cent VVPAT slips along with EVMs.

The court directed that only 5 VVPAT slips counting in each assembly segment could be allowed for sample verification.

The EC had argued that results of the Lok Sabha election could be delayed by five days if 50 per cent VVPATs in every Assembly segment was counted.

Opposition leaders led by Naidu told the court that “Increase of VVPATs counting from 1 to 5 is not a reasonable number and does not lead to satisfaction desired by this court” and that the court should review its order.

After the Supreme Court’s order, too, Naidu did not change his satand. He said all the 21 opposition parties would meet the Election Commission India again on VVPATs counting.

“We will not give up but will continue our movement to bring transparency in the Indian election system,” he said.

He reminded that when the ballot was in force it took only 24 hours for counting of ballots.

“How EC can say that it will take 6 days for counting of VVPAT slips when the ballot took only 24 hours? Where is transparency?”

He pointed out that in Bihar, 6 EVMs were found in a hotel and the EC has brought Rs.9 thousand crores to bring VVPATs and still people have doubts on EVMs.

Officials likely to skip Naidu Cabinet meet

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu well may land in an embarrassing situation if government officials do not attend the cabinet meeting that he intends to hold if the Election Commission (EC) doesn’t grant them permission to be there.

In that case, Naidu will have to hold the meeting only with his cabinet colleagues sans officials.

As per rule position, the Chief Secretary (CS) needs to circulate a note to all the officials to be ready with relevant information and to attend the cabinet meeting after the information from the chief minister’s office comes to him on holding the cabinet meeting.

Senior bureaucrats in the government pointed out that since the election code was in effect in the state, the chief secretary may seek the advice of the EC whether to attend the meeting and also whether to circulate the note or not.

If the EC does allow the CS to circulate the note, then the officials will attend otherwise they will not.

Mr Naidu who was visibly miffed with the chief secretary L.V. Subramanyam for not attending his review meeting on  super cyclone Fani preparedness had said that he would hold a cabinet meeting and talk to the officials indirectly hinting at taking the CS to task for violating business rules.

Mr Naidu is of the opinion that while the Chief Minister and his cabinet was supreme, the chief secretary was only a facilitator and had to attend his review meetings when necessary.

“In this case, the CS may seek advice from the EC whether to attend and circulate the note. If the EC agrees then fine, otherwise it will be only ministers who will take part in the cabinet meeting,” a retired senior bureaucrat told this correspondent.

When the retired bureaucrat was told about the Chief Minister pointing at the cabinet meetings that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been heading even after the poll code came to effect, he said it was not clear if the Centre had sought the EC’s permission or not and whether a permission was accorded or not.

Will attend Jagan’s swearing-in as AP CM: KCR

TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao continues to lay focus on AP politics though it’s more than three weeks since the polling for AP Assembly polls has ended.

KCR is making it a point to discuss on AP politics and poll outcome every day with senior leaders of TRS at Pragathi Bhavan.

During an informal meeting held today with in Hyderabad few ministers, party’s Rajya Sabha members and TRS MLAs, KCR reportedly said that he is keen to attend YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s swearing in ceremony as AP Chief Minister after May 23 results.

KCR’s comments proves that he is cent per cent confident of YSRCP winning AP Assembly polls and Jagan becoming next CM of AP.

KCR is also learnt to have told party leaders that, “By attending Jagan’s swearing-in, my return gift to Chandrababu Naidu will be 100 per cent complete. The return gift to Naidu is now in the process of delivering to him and it will be delivered by me to Naidu in the form of attending Jagan’s swearing-in.”

When party leaders asked him how can he be so confident of Jagan’s win, KCR reportedly said, “I have my own survey reports. I have my own intelligence reports. My survey reports never went wrong. All my survey reports point to Jagan’s victory. After taking all these factors into consideration, I have made up my mind to attend Jagan’s swearing-in ceremony as CM.”

KCR said his Federal Front at national politics will get a boost with Jagan’s victory and Naidu’s defeat.

KCR said once out of power, Naidu will automatically lose his clout in national politics and leaders of regional parties will look up to him to form the Federal Front.

KCR also told party leaders that he wants KTR and Kavitha to also attend Jagan’s swearing-in ceremony along with him.

KCR to meet Kerala CM to discuss ‘federal front’

With 18 days to go for Lok Sabha election results, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is all set to resume his efforts for formation of a non-BJP, non-Congress government at the Centre with a meeting with his Kerala counterpart Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday.

The Telengana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief will meet Communist Party of India-Marxist leader Vijayan in Thiruvananthapuram at 6 p.m on Monday.

According to Telangana Chief Minister’s Office, the two leaders will discuss latest political developments in the wake of ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

KCR, as Rao is popularly known, will also visit Rameshwaram and Srirangam temples before returning to Hyderabad.

This will be KCR’s first meeting with any leader of a non-BJP and non-Congress party since Lok Sabha elections began on April 10.

With final three rounds of polls to go before counting of votes on May 23, KCR is said to be planning meetings with leaders of various parties to prepare ground for formation of a non-BJP, non-Congress government.

KCR, who mooted the idea of Federal Front in March last year as an alternative to both the BJP and the Congress, held talks with leaders of the Trinamool Congress, the Biju Janta Dal, the Samajwadi Party, the Janata Dal-S, and the DMK. He also invited the YSR Congress Party to join the proposed front.

The TRS chief is confident that non-BJP and non-Congress parties would form the next government at the Centre.

TRS leaders hope that the Federal Front will take a shape after the announcement of poll results.