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No invite to KCR, Jagan for Sonia’s meet?

The Congress party has made it clear that no invitation was extended to Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao and YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy for the meeting of anti-Bharatiya Janata Party leaders called by former Congress president and United Progressive Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi on May 23.

Senior Congress leader and AICC general secretary Ahmed Patel confirmed that Sonia had indeed written letters to all the like-minded parties, including Telugu Desam Party, to discuss the post-poll strategy on May 23 night.

However, he denied the reports that appeared in a section of media that Sonia had written letters also to the TRS and YSRC presidents requesting them to attend the meeting.

“As of now, only those parties which have been meeting regularly were invited to the meeting. We shall take a call later on the other parties,” he said.

While the Congress has been a bitter enemy of the TRS in Telangana, the Telugu Desam Party has fought a bitter battle with the YSRC in the recent assembly elections.

Moreover, the Congress leadership is not happy with the attempts of KCR to split the pro-Congress alliance partners in the name of federal front.

“For now, the Congress wants to adopt a wait and watch policy on the TRS and YSRC, which are believed to be closer to the NDA.

“If the Congress coalition can muster enough strength without depending on these two parties, it will not entertain them.

“But if the Congress badly needs the support of the TRS and YSRC, it will change the strategy later,” a party source said.

The Congress knows if it ropes KCR and YSRC into the coalition, it would mean the party has lost hopes of recovering in the Telugu states.

AP techie & US hacker steal 6 cr from B’luru firm

A 25-year-old senior process consultant allegedly colluded with a US-based hacker and executed a Rs 6-crore fraud at a leading business process management company in Bengaluru.

Ramesh Kamaiah, a resident of Hongasandra and from Andhra Pradesh’s Chigathurpi in Anantapur district, has been arrested and remanded in police custody till May 20.

He was employed with Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), formerly HTMT Global.

His US aide, Noah Lamb, has been named as an accused in the FIR but is absconding.

Police said this is one of the biggest insider frauds in Bengaluru’s ITeS (information technology-enabled services) sector in recent times.

HGS associate vice-president Madhusudhan DS, in a complaint to police, said the fraud was brought to their attention by a US healthcare client which noticed anomalies in the account payment process.


Naidu to meet Rahul, Mayawati, Akhilesh today

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief N. Chandrababu Naidu is expected to meet Uttar Pradesh’s former Chief Ministers Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav in Lucknow on Saturday evening.

TDP sources said that Naidu, who arrived in Delhi on Friday, will also meet Congress President Rahul Gandhi here before Saturday noon.

Naidu will leave from Delhi to Lucknow around 2.45 p.m. and is expected to meet Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati and Samajwadi chief Akhilesh Yadav after attending a programme in Lucknow around 3.45 p.m., the party source told IANS.

Naidu will return to Andhra Pradesh from a special aircraft around 7 p.m., the source said.

The TDP chief met the Election Commission on Friday and accused it of being pro-government and demanded action against Bharatiya Janata Party’s Bhopal candidate Pragya Thakur for “insulting” Mahatma Gandhi.

The two options before Naidu

There are to options in front of Chandrababu Naidu to protect himself and his associates: One is to retain power in Andhra Pradesh. This is the primary objective.

If the TDP loses in Andhra, there is absolutely no doubt that Chandrababu and his associates are in for big trouble.

YSRCP leaders led by YS Jagan had been subjected to a lot of harassment by the TDP these five years and they will return it in full measure to Chandrababu with ‘interest’.

There is a strong possibility of a CBI inquiry against Chandrababu Naidu and his men if the YSRCP comes to power.

In order to safeguard himself against such possible outcomes, Chandrababu needs to be on good terms with the Centre. This is his second option.

The BJP was never favourably disposed towards the TDP which makes it imperative for Chandrababu that an anti-BJP coalition led by the Congress forms the government.

It is for this reason that Chandrababu has launched a tirade against the BJP and trying his best to ensure that Modi does not come to power again.

If Jagan wins in AP but the Congress comes to power at the Centre, they can forestall any inquiries against Chandrababu.

If Chandrababu wins in AP and the BJP at the Centre again, once again, there will be no support forthcoming to Andhra Pradesh.

The utopian scenario for Chandrababu is if he wins in Andhra and the Congress at the Centre. Any takers for this line of thought?

Meanwhile, Chandrababu continues his diatribe against Modi on a daily basis ad nauseam. Will his efforts yield any fruit?


The entire TDP is praying that the ‘Pasupu –Kumkuma’ scheme launched by Chandrababu Naidu that was originally announced on Jan 25, 2019 will tilt the balance in its favour at the polling booth hen counting takes place on the 23rd of this month.

Rs 10,000 will be paid to all eligible women of Self Help Groups and DWACRA and smart phones will also be provided to them. Approximately, 93 lakh women will benefit from this scheme and will cost the State around Rs 9400 crore.

Although the State government does not have the funds, it promised to make the payments by borrowing from Central Agencies.

Chandrababu Naidu cleverly ensured that the payments via cheque were made to the beneficiaries, right on the eve of elections in Andhra Pradesh.

The Party believes that the high percentage of women turning out in large numbers to exercise their franchise till late into the night is an indication that the women voted for them because of this scheme.

With all due respect to the TDP though, it is equally possible that people waited in queues for long periods of time to cast their vote because of the high level of anti-incumbency.

This election has been especially tough for Chandrababu Naidu as he has completely lost credibility.

Whether it be the ‘real estate’ venture called Amaravati, the failed ‘loan waiver’ scheme or his horrifying doublespeak over the SCS issue, he has lost the trust of the people.

Given such a high-level of anti-incumbency, will this one scheme by Chandrababu be enough to catapult him back to power? The TDP thinks so!

Besides, there is no guarantee given his recent track record that Chandrababu will make the payments punctually in future.

The people would also have taken this aspect into consideration which would mean that the women gleefully accepted the payments and then voted for the YSRCP.

In 2014, the TDP needed 6 runs off the last ball and contrary to all expectations; Chandrababu got a top-edge that sailed over fine leg into the stands.

Now, the situation is the same and TDP fans are desperately hoping that Chandrababu will once again clear the field. But miracles don’t occur frequently or else they wouldn’t be called miracles.

The last ball this time can easily be a replica of the IPL final between Chennai and Mumbai with Naidu in yellow representing the defending champs.

But there’s a silver lining for Chandrababu after all. He frequently keeps complaining that he is working so hard for the people that he cannot find even the time to play with his grandson.

Should the TDP lose on May 2, Chandrababu will have all the time in the world to fulfill this desire of his and what’s more, he can also catch up on the episodes of the serial ‘Pasupu Kumkuma’ on Youtube that was aired on Zee Telugu some years ago.

Re-polling in 5 more AP booths on May 19

Five polling booths in Andhra Pradesh will go for re-polling on May 19, when last phase of elections will be held in different parts of the country.

The Election Commission of India on Wednesday issued a communication, calling for re-polling in five polling stations in Chandragiri assembly constituency in Chittoor district.

The re-polling will be held in Kammapalli, N R Kammapalle, Pulivarthipalli, Kothakandriga and Venkatrama Puram villages from 7 am to 6 pm.

The decision to conduct re-polling was taken on the basis of a report submitted by chief electoral officer Gopala Krishna Dwivedi, following complaints from YSR Congress party candidate Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, who alleged that a section of voters were not allowed to cast their votes in some villages.

Simultaneously, Telugu Desam Party state unit president Kala Venkat Rao also alleged that there were large scale electoral malpractices during the polling held on April 11.

The EC already conducted re-polling in five other polling stations in three districts of Guntur, Nellore and Prakasam of Andhra Pradesh on May 6.

Finally ‘yellow media’ admits YSRC will come to power in AP

More than a month after polling and a week before counting of votes for AP Assembly elections, the pro-TDP ‘yellow media’ seems to have realised that YSRCP wil come to power in AP and Jagan will be the next CM of AP.

ABN-Andhra Jyothy group chairman Vemuri Radhakrishna has changed his pro-TDP stand and started writing annd publishing about YSRCP victory.

The Andhra edition of Andhra Jyothy newspaper today carried a banner story on Main Page 1 saying that YSRCP government has to spend Rs 56,000 crore to implement its poll promises,

This news report gives clear hints that Andhra Jyothy too beieves TDP will lose Assembly polls and YSRCP will win.

This news report says the finance department officials have already started working out modalities on the implementation of Jagan’s poll promises and assessed the amount of additional burden it will impose on state exchequer if Jagan starts implemeting his poll promises from June.

So, ABN Andhra Jyothy group seems to be slowly accepting the reality.

When will be the turn of another ‘yellow media’ Eenadu group to accept the same?

Will KCR, Jagan attend Sonia meeting

A report that appeared in a popular English daily that former Congress president and United Progressive Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi had invited Telugu Desam Party, YSR Congress party and Telangana Rashtra Samiti along with other non-BJP parties for a dinner meeting in New Delhi on May 23 created ripples in political circles.

The meeting was reportedly called for to discuss the possibility of a non-Bharatiya Janata Party government at the Centre, after watching the results to be declared on May 23.

The report, on the face of it, appears to be purely speculative and far-fetched, as nobody knows what the outcome of the elections would be. If at all Sonia extends any such invitation, she would do it in the afternoon of May 23, when the trends would be clear.

The meeting can be held a day later, not necessarily on the same night.

Secondly, there are inherent contradiction within the report. How can TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu and YSRC president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy will attend the same meeting? For that matter, will KCR attend a meeting in which Naidu is present?

If the Congress admits YSRC and the TRS into the coalition, Naidu will opt of it. And other parties like Mamata or Samajwadi Party might be interested in losing Naidu.

If Congress wants to negotiate with Jagan and KCR, it will do it separately and not when Naidu is present.

In any case, if the reports are true, both TRS and YSRC prefer to join the NDA bandwagon, rather than the Congress, say analysts.

Moreover, the Congress knows if it ropes KCR and YSRC into the coalition, it would mean the party has lost hopes of recovering in the Telugu states and it amounts to admitting that the Congress will play second fiddle to these parties in their respective states!


Mega family to start international schools

Mega family starting from Megastar Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Allu Aravind, Nagababu to Ramcharan, Allu Arjun, Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej etc. have minted crores of money from film industry since 1970s.

They together own assets worth thousands of crores of rupees in the form of palatial bungalows, big farm houses, commercial complexes, luxury cars in Hyderabad, Chennai and other metros.

They have earned so much wealth that it will not vanish even if the next few generations in their family sit idle and simply enjoy life.

But, still there seems to be no end to their ‘money hungry’ tactics.

The mega family is now looking at commercialising education and mint money out of it.

Normally, rich and affluent people try to do social service by giving free education to poor and needy.

But the mega family is planning to set up international schools which collect exorbitant fees even for nursery.

The mega family’s plan to introduce international curriculum like Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, CBSE syllabus for students from nursery to Class V shows they view education as a tool only for rich and affluent sections who can afford lakhs of rupees as fees just for nursery class but have no intention to make it affordable for poor and needy, middle class, who watch their movies madly by spending their hard earned money even by remaining hungry to show their love and admiration towards mega family.

Film and education circles say if mega family had intention to do service for poor and needy, they would have set up affordable shools instead of setting up international schools which only crorepatis can afford.

They would also have adopted few government schools, provide all facilities with their money and provide free and quality education to poor.

The fact that they are setting up international schools with Chiranjeevi as honorary founder, his son Ramcharan Tej as honorary president, Nagababu as honorary chairman shows that the entire family wants to mint money by commercialising school education.

However, to escape criticism of commercialising education, the mega family has offered to give ‘special concessions’ to children of mega fans in these schools.

One wonders, which mega fan can afford to admit their wards in international schools to claim concessions as mega fans mostly come from poorer sections and middle class.