BJP spreads hate, Cong will unite India: Rahul Gandhi at manifesto launch

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, while unveiling the party’s election manifesto titled ‘Congress will Deliver’, said the document was truthful and reflected the voices of the people of India.

“When we started this process a year ago, I spoke to Mr Chidambaram and Mr Gowda. I told them this manifesto should not be made behind closed doors, it should reflect the wishes of the people of India. Whatever is in this manifesto is truthful, as I have been hearing a lot of lies these days from our prime minister.”

Sharpening its attack on the Narendra Modi-led government, Rahul said, “In last five years, the BJP government has spread hate and divisiveness. The Congress will work towards uniting India and bringing people together.”

Rahul Gandhi also challenged ”scared” Prime Minister (PM) to face him in a debate on issues such as corruption and national security.

Talking about national security, Gandhi said, “Congress will strive and make the country one. We will focus on strengthening national security.”

Amending the Congress’ traditional ‘MGNREGA’ promise, Rahul said, “The PM had spoken about MGNREGA. He mocked and said it was a bogus and useless scheme. Today, everyone knows how much it helped the country. We want to guarantee jobs for 150 days, instead of 100 days, under the new scheme.”

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Putting emphasis on farmers and education, Rahul said, “We have also decided to bring a separate farmer’s budget and 6% of the GDP will be contributed to education.”

The major highlight of ‘Congress will Deliver’ included the NYAY scheme where in the Congress proposes to give 20 per cent of the poor Rs 72,000 a year.

Rahul Gandhi also added that his committee had done a good job in chalking out the manifesto. “This is not a manifesto made in closed rooms. NYAY, jobs and farmers are our focal points. NYAY will help the economy. We will deliver money to the poorest people in the country.”

Rahul Gandhi also proposed that farmers’ inability to repay loans won’t be a criminal offence. “Under our government, defaulting on farm loans will no more be a criminal offence. For education, we will have 6 per cent budget. In healthcare, we will strengthen public hospitals.”

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