Aunty Kareena’ Trolled For ‘Looking Old’ In Selfie


A photo of Kareena Kapoor, from her Tuscany family trip, has been shared by fan-clubs but only for the 38-year-old actress to be trolled for “looking old.”

The now-viral selfie features a close-up shot of the actress, sun-soaking in Tuscany and the only observation a section of the Internet could make is: “She has grown old.”

While fans of Kareena Kapoor jumped to her defence with comments such as “old is gold” and how “gorgeous” the selfie is, trolls posted comments such as “She looks aged and lifeless”, “She is getting old now” and “old Kareena.”

Some vile comments even referred to her as “aunty.” What’s wrong with the Internet, seriously? Kareena Kapoor is married to actor Saif Ali Khan and they are parents to 2-year-old son Taimur.

Meanwhile, some users didn’t hesitate to troll the actress for looking “malnourished” in the selfie.

Comments such as “Give her some glucose”, “please eat some food”, “Looks unwell and undernourished” are a dark reminder of when she was brutally trolled for “looking like a skeleton” in a photo that showed off her toned mid-riff last year.

Here’s the viral selfie.


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