Ashwini Dutt Gets Money from Maharshi

Dil Raju and PVP, the other two partners in “Maharshi”, will share profits after the movie’s release based on its performance at the box-office.

Ashwini Dutt will not have any stake in the film henceforth. Dil Raju has agreed in principle to pay him Rs 7 Cr as part of his share from the film.

Ashwini Dutt has been demanding Rs 10 Cr from this project but Dil Raju refused to part anything as the film’s budget has gone beyond its pre-release business.

To avoid last minute head-ache, Mahesh Babu reportedly intervened and settled the issue.

Ashwini Dutt may not get any dates in future from Mahesh Babu as he reportedly got miffed with the senior producer in this entire issue.

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