Niharika Scores Hat-trick of Flops

Niharika Konidela might have made her presence felt on Telly but she has been rejected by the film going audiences. Not once but for thrice!

Niharika, younger daughter of Nagababu, made debut in ‘Oka Manasu’. Given her popularity on small screen as anchor, producers have come forward to produce three films but all of them have tanked at the box-office.

Last weekend’s release ‘Suryakantam’ has not registered decent openings any where.

The film’s events were attended by Vijay Deverakonda and her brother Varun Tej has presented the film but youngsters have not turned up at the theaters to check out this rom-com.

Even Mega fans are not showing interest to watch her movies. With three flops in a row, Niharika’s career is looking dull.

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